GEORGIA ON steve... he loves his drums, luckily they're electric. he has a photographic memory of where all the best coffee shops are in London. he makes me cake. he has a real soft spot for the dog, they have a special bond. he's a good adventure partner. he shares food with me, even when i won't share with him. that last one is a quality you just don't pass up on.. 

STEVE on Georgia...she loves being outside, and sunshine and adventures. And she would be very happy if everyday could contain a little bit of all of those. She also loves coffee, and good food and god she loves cake. Everyday would definitely be well rounded for her with each of those in it. Lastly, she loves yoga and bees, and hopefully me :) ..


We met at 16 at catering college, an amazing introduction into the world of food for us. At 19 we left the comfort and decided to travel around the world.

Eating the local dishes and experiencing so many new flavours and cooking techniques was eye opening, when we got home, we found we couldn't express the creativity we wanted in our jobs whilst working for other people, so we thought, 'why don't we open a cafe?'

In hindsight we could have planned better as at just 22 years old, deciding to move into our first house together, getting married and opening the cafe was pretty stressful but we knuckled down and worked our butts off.

The cafe was a massive success but after 3 years we decided we wanted a little more freedom. Leaving was really hard and very sad, we had made some lovely friends through customers and suppliers. The cafe was such a learning curve for us and seeing our homemade, local and free range menu being so popular made us realise that people find these standards very important and they want even better. 

We want to write this blog to inspire people to cook with ingredients that have been grown and produced with passion, to try new recipes using sustainable alternatives that haven't been highly processed, but most of all, we want to share an ongoing aspiration of ours, to have fun, eat well, and be happy.