Breakfast Granola

Who loves breakfast? Meeee ! Anyone who skips breakfast in the morning needs to get their priorities in check, how do you even function in the morning? Deciding on what to have can be a challenge but my all time fave is this granola recipe, served with yoghurt, fresh fruit and honey. Yum! Like a little (or large) bowl of sunshine to start the day, even when it's grey outside.
All i'm saying is, my brain definitely thanks me and works a little harder after being treated to this breakfast beauty. G x


This makes 1 large and 1 small kilner jar so you can always give it as a gift ...but I would recommend trying it first because it may be too good to's too good to share

  • 500g organic oats

  • 100g hazelnuts

  • 100g whole almonds

  • 100g pistachios

  • 100g pecans

  • 75g mixed seeds (we like sunflower, pumpkin and sesame)

  • 200g local honey

  • 125g raisins

  • 200g dried apricots cut into tiny pieces (try to get the ones without suphur dioxide, they look mouldy but hey its one less preservative)

  • 100g flaked unsweetened coconut

Extras to go on (or under, whatever your preference) 

  • Local Goat's Yoghurt
  • Fresh Organic Fruit (Kiwis, Bananas, Strawberries, Raspberries)
  • More Local Honey 

If You Have The Money To Buy Organic Nuts Then Do It, They're Expensive Anyway So You May As Well Just Blow The Whole Weeks Food Budget On Some Gloriously Good Nuts.

Heat the oven to 160'C and over 2 large trays, spread the seeds, nuts, oats and coconut, drizzle over the honey and pop in the oven for 40 mins. Every 10 mins give the tray a little shake so you get even colour, after 40 mins, remove trays and add the dried fruit, give a big mix it all together carefully and transfer it into the kilner jars (it will be super hot so be careful.

You are so ready to eat it ...enjoy