Trial run in The Horse Box


The Horse box is ready to roll!! This week we invited our families and friends over for the trial run on our finally finished project, the horse box food trailer.

About 50 people turned up altogether and the overwhelming feeling of the night was that people were loving what we were doing. We knocked up some sort of feedback sheet for people to fill in and I tell you, it's a complete necessity. People, especially family and friends will always (mostly) be positive to your face, but we needed the real thoughts. Luckily there were only a couple of things that needed to be adapted so, not a total disaster. 

Our first event next week is the EDP wedding show at the Norfolk showground and it is more than a little nerve wracking. Having spent the best part of 6 months, trying to fix all the problems that the catering trailer conversion company provided us with, our confidence is definitely a little shaky but we are just full of excitement now to get out there and serve up our amazing flatbreads!! Maybe we'll see some of you there?!